The Return of The Design Lily

Due to a few personal injuries & illness I’ve had to take some time off but I’m back. With a load of new things to post and share on here, This blog is to provide the design community, inspiration, tips, reviews, tutorials, from around the web and from myself.

So what Has happened in the time I’ve been away:

Lately I’ve been working on digital painting which is coming a long very nicely, not to the point I want yet as far as details and all the little finer things but I’m on my way.

Also, with being off work for an entire month I’ve had some much needed time to focus on my designs and continuing working on those.It’s important to me to stay connected as an artist, keep learning new things applying them to my work, and also get out every now and then to meet up with other designers in my area and basically feed off of each others styles and make some really nice pieces of work.I would highly suggest any artist who wants to just “freely” create art to get around some of their peers in the area, work on projects together, go to art fairs, or just simply sit outside and sketch up some ideas based on whatever comes to mind. Speaking of sketching, I’ve found that keeping a sketch book with me  is a big help as far as keeping myself inspired It’s always with me for when I get bored somewhere or am out at a café. It helps a whole lot.

I plan on keeping this blog up to date. So Stay Tuned… more post coming very soon.


About Ariana Bartlett Designs & Illustrations

I'm here to inspire ... To take whatever it is your brilliant brain can think of and bring it to life. Life is about living to the fullest, and in todays world you can be anything you want to be, and do whatever you want to do if you put your MIND to it, so my question to you is, what will you be today?

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