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My Misunderstanding.

Artist Statement:

This began as just a sketch, a silhouette so to say, as of whom? At first, not even I knew the answer to that…

I began adding features I was familiar with, angles and slopes I had seen one too many times before. Ones I had laid next to for months, years even, ones I had studied, admired, and loved. I thought about adding these eccentric details but this simplicity was just enough…A mystery you’ll remain, to the rest of the world at least. The bricks represent your wall, the same wall I could never break through, and the spotlight is myself, my thoughts, my attempts, my ways to somehow bring you out, out away from everything you were ever afraid of….

And that’s where I went wrong….that was My Misunderstanding.

How do you stay creative?

Everyone as an artist or designer experiences a creative block every now and then. Whether it’s figuring out what you want to make or create next or how to take a simple idea and make it something amazing. Everyone has their different ways to go about it personally I  have a few ways to keep my creativity rollin:

  1. A Sketch Book– I cannot stress this enough, a sketch book is my savior when I’m having a creative block. Just sit down and jot down whatever comes to mind. Whether that’s a little character or a new invention, it will start a snowball affect and keep the ideas coming in.
  2. Nature – Go sit outside. Don’t take your phone, your laptop, nothing that can distract you, sit there and enjoy it, you’re bound to get some type of inspiration from nature.
  3. Cartoons– You will not believe how much cartoons can help with your creativity, it takes you away from real world problems, and the worries of the world to surround you in fun irrational animation.
  4. Puzzel Games/Apps – To be creative you need to be strong mentally, puzzles give you a problem and asks you to give a solution. Challenge yourself!
  5. Lastly, Return to your Childhood– Saving the best for last because this is ultimately what makes all artist and designers great. As a child things are simple, there’s no stress, no real world problems, etc.  It’s about being carefree, having no boundaries, take something you got joy out of as a child and go with it. When you work don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, be inspired by children and the things they love and do.
Whichever you choose don’t let a little creative block hold you back. If none of these interest you, tell us how you choose to stay creative, who knows maybe you might inspire someone else!

The world is your canvas, go out and create.

– Ari

Here’s some extra ways to stay creative:

The perfect gift: Mother’s Day Digital Painting.

In honor of Mother’s day, I decided to give my uncle’s girlfriend a present and being that this is her first mother’s day it needed to be special. Therefore I decided a digital painting of her precious little girl would be perfect.

Working on digital paintings is something I’m trying to perfect, and this was the perfect time to put my skills to work.

The original Picture I used is from a set of pictures I took of my cousin about a week or so ago,


I decided I didn’t want a real “posey” picture of her just one that showed her playing with her favorite toy. When doing a digital painting you have to play around with different colors and details, and at first you have to really mess with the shading. Basically say for instance the yellow in her bow, you can pic out pretty much any spot and go from there picking darker or lighter yellows. The good thing about digital painting is that you can create such depth & light with just a simple switch in colors. It doesn’t necessarily have to be spot on perfect when you’re trying to recreate a picture for the first time it’s all about learning to work with the brushes, colors, shades, details, and light. My ending product came out well I think, here’s how it turned out.


In conclusion, it’s something I’m still learning. Her mother LOVED the gift she thought I had actually painted it at first which made me feel proud of my work. Take time to try it out for yourself. Open photoshop, find something you would like to recreate and go for it.

Here’s a link to 40+ Fascination Digital Painting tutorials if you need help to get started.

The world is your canvas, go out and create.

– Ari