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Digital Painting: Ninja Power!

Some of my best ideas come to me either when I’m asleep, about to fall asleep, or just woke up, and this week I decided I needed a personalized ninja character.  Not only do I have sort of a fascination with ninjas but if there was anything I could be….it’d be a ninja.

The process I took with this project is something I’ve done before with my clothing designs (I’ll share those in a bit) with sketching first, scanning in the design, and then painting it digitally but this time I wanted to make a character but it had to represent me.  I incorporated everything about myself from my favorite color: baby blue, to the fact that I like diamonds, and even my eye color and I needed to have a sword of course. I’m really enjoying this whole digital painting thing, I’m even considering taking this character and making a few more sketches and paintings of her. It was so much fun and I’m extremely happy with the way it turned out!


My challenge to you this week is to sketch up your own ninja, add your own flare too it and send it in!

Go ahead…

The world is your canvas, go out and create.

– Ari